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Hello followers (and welcome to all my new ones!)

I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding a how-to post for my Super Mario Bros fish tank, few in which I responded to with a promise of having one up on my upcoming site within a few days. It’s now ready to launch, but we’re nameless!

For about a year now, two of my friends, my boyfriend and myself have been working on a video gaming related website for news, media, reviews, videos, and blogs (kinda like an IGN or Kotaku, but way cooler). It is FINALLY ready to launch, but said friends suddenly decided they wanted to change our name (originally Sandboxx).

We chose Sandboxx because in gaming, a “sandbox game” is a game where you can build, explore and have some freedom to do things other than the main objective. Because our site isn’t entirely focused on just video game news/the industry, we thought it represented our idea well while also staying gaming related. Unfortunately for us, finding an available URL was impossible, thus forcing us to add an extra “x” to “Sandbox” and also putting “the” in front of So now we’re changing it, hopefully to something that doesn’t sound like dirty porn this time.


With that being said, finding something we all agree on is also deeming to be impossible, so I’m turning to the internet for help! We would like you to come up with a name (or 100), post it in the notes below, and maybe even reblog it.

There will be one winner - to win, we must either pick the name you come up with to actually use for our site, or your name must be deemed out favorite out of all the other entries (meaning we won’t use it, but we loved it!)

The winner will receive one of my hand made mouse pads, anything you’d like (one color; see my blog for pictures). You will also have your name (real name, tumblr name, whatever you want) recognized in the how-to post for my Mario tank, explaining that you either thought of our name for us, or at least helped tremendously.

There really aren’t any rules or restrictions. You can come up with as many as you want!


Keep in mind our website will be showcasing content such as video game industry news, stuff about upcoming games, written reviews, video reviews, videos of us streaming while we all play together or separately, blog posts about specific game genres each of us enjoy, gaming related crafts blog (by me), frugal gamer blog (by me), blogs about tech, etc.

It may also help to tell you we have a little robot as part of our branding, so words like “robot” or “bot” can be used.

This is a list of names we’ve come up with so far but really don’t care for. I’ve also listed some brainstorming words in there that might be good to use.

  • Red pixel (Read pixel)
    Write Click
    Nerd Words
    Shift Happens
    Game Kitchen
    Console Wall
    Inferior Pixel
    Honest Robot
    Blue Robot
    Pixel Vault
    The Other Castle


Personally, I like play on words the most. I’m looking for something unique and clever. Like “Read Pixel” - a play on the term “dead pixel,” but using the word “read” because you read our website. Only problem we had with this is we don’t really read it as past tense (we want it to sound like “dead”), so it posed a problem. Names like this is what will get my vote the most, however.

We also don’t want to be too specific towards one specific genre of gaming or specific towards consoles (like Console Wall for example) because we focus a lot of PC games too.

Don’t worry too much if the name you come up with isn’t available as a URL. Most everything is taken these days, so we may have to stray away from the .com and go for something else, or have to play with it a little to make it work. I think because we’ve been focusing on this too much, it’s hindering us from actually coming up with names and saying “yeah that’s really good!”

Just stuff to keep in mind.


The faster we find a name, the faster my how-to for the Mario fish tank will go up, so please help and share!

Thank you! :)

Anonymous Asked
QuestionThat tank was the shit and people be like fake gamer girl fuck them, fuck them all Answer

Lol where was that said?

Anonymous Asked
QuestionLawd, after seeing your Mario fish tank... Will you marry me? Answer

You’d have to ask my boyfriend what his plans are first! :P

QuestionI love fish too and would love to build a themed tank like this so I can't wait to see how the Mario tank was done. I was wondering what type of fish you are thinking of adding, and do you have any other tanks like this? Answer

As of right now, I have fully decided on an Electric Blue Jacks Dempsey, a Dinosaur eel, and either Rainbow fish or Danios. A Butterfly fish is also on the list, but I need to research him a little more to make sure he will be happy.

I have yet to build any other tanks like this, video game wise. My only other tanks have been betta fish tanks, which were pretty, but not elaborate. I currently have one on my desk at work that’s nothing spectacular, but this tank has inspired me to mayeb start planning out a small Legend of Zelda tank for him :P

dasguuuut Asked
QuestionI'm sorry if this has been asked before but do you have a youtube video or any-sort of tutorial on your Mario fish tank?. :) Answer

Within this week (hopefully), I will be posting a detailed how-to with pictures and such of my tank and the process. My friends and I are launching a new video game media/news site and we want to open with this :)

Just follow me to be updated when the post is launched! :D

Questiondon't know how big your tank is but you'll need at least a 75g for a JP cichlid by himself. you wouldn't be able to put much else species in there either. I have several tanks and many many cichlids ! Answer

I assume you mean JD cichlid? As I will be keeping a single Jack Dempsey, the electric blue variety. The minimum tank requires for a Jack is actually 30 gallons, although bigger is always better. I’ve talked to various Jack owners and did research prior to deciding and they assured me a 55 gallon is plenty. MOST cichlids do require 75 gallons or more (like the Tiger Oscar I wanted), but Jacks are relatively small for their species and will be very happy in my 55 gallon :)

QuestionYou have an ungodly amount of patience. That people keep questioning your fish experience/abilities over and over and yet you still manage polite replies? That's just gob-smackingly amazing. Good on you. Answer

Haha thank you! I do understand their concerns, as there are plenty of people who purchase fish without knowing how much work it actually is and that lots of fish need to meet certain tank size requirements to be happy.

I enjoy educating others and reassuring them I didn’t just do this to get people on the internet to like me haha :)

asmartkid Asked
QuestionYour etsy page isn't working for me? I tried multiple links and I get the message "There's something not quite right in the URL. Please check for any errors in the username and try again." Answer

My Etsy shop is currently on hiatus while I get used to a new full-time job and also try and enjoy the summer a bit :) I was taking on more than I could handle with my shop! I’m willing to take on side jobs so always feel free to email me at for inquireies :D

Anonymous Asked
Questionhow did you make the things for your fish tank Answer

I will have a huge how-to post with all the details coming up hopefully this week :)